Portland Fire Station #1

Project description

The original 40,000 square foot 3 story fire station was built on unstable soil back in 1940’s.    The scope of this project was to improve the seismic performance of the building and make it one of the nations most state of the art facilities.    Seismic upgrades included over 200 new jet grouted piles drilled through the foundation and new concrete shear walls and collector beams.   The rest of the station was completely gutted and reconstructed with the  fire crew living quarters on the second floor and the main administrative offices on the third floor. 

Project details
  • Client:

    City of Portland Fire Sation No. 1

  • Location:

    Portland, Oregon

  • Type:

    Seismic Upgrade and Restoration of Main Fire Station

  • Size:

    $10.7 Million

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